Shares of GEMINI next Generation AG

We will reinvest all profits for rapid expansion and improvements to our products. The value of the investment is determined by the increase in the value of the share.

  Establishing a new building standard worldwide

Who would have thought in 2003 that new registration of cars with internal combustion engines would be abolished in Norway in 2025 and in the EU in 2035? 2003 was the year Tesla Inc. was founded.

We define the new building standard KSÜH - Climate Protection Superiority House. The replication factor is the key metric of this standard: How many houses of the same type could be produced with the surplus electricity of one house in 30 years?

This building standard is far beyond the imagination of today's architects and builders.

  Maintaining market share

Ford did not remain the only manufacturer of cheap cars. IKEA was not the only manufacturer of self-assembly furniture kits. Tesla did not remain the only manufacturer of electric cars with decent driving performance and over 400 km range.

But all these companies have managed to maintain a decent market share in their field. We want to use the time until the competition wakes up by expanding quickly. That's why we will reinvest every profit. That is why we will carry out as many capital increases as possible.

  Offer for shares of the 1st capital increase

New shares will be issued following a resolution by the Executive Board and Supervisory Board on December 13, 2022.

The offering will be divided into investment packages of €200 each. The issue price is €5 per share. Of the 40 shares, 30 are credited to the investor, 10 to the AG for cooperation and employee motivation.
Serves as the escrow account for the deposit:

      Verein zur Förderung des Infinitismus
      IBAN AT32 2040 4000 4151 5578
      BIC SBGSAT2SXXX (Salzburger Sparkasse)

Please indicate as reason for remittance:

      GEMINI next Generation AG Aktien
The capital increase is limited to 39,750 shares. The order in which bookings are made applies. If the amount is exceeded, a decision can be made between transferring the amount back or leaving it until the next capital increase.

5,400 shares may be acquired per person or group of related persons or combination of natural persons and legal entities.

  Subscription form

By filling in the contact form you will receive a subscription form.

GEMINI next Generation AG (Inc.) GEMINI next Generation AG (Inc.)
We improve the world through Climate Protection Superiority Houses. Our mission statement: planet renovation back to 350 ppm CO2, we contribute house by house.

We are the counter movement
Many people feel that there is a development in the wrong direction in many areas. We are more than only an innovative product, we are the countermovement.

Home ownership cheaper than rental apartment
Everyone understands that a smartphone from 2022 is much cheaper than the first mobile devices from 1990 and also much better. We show that this is also possible for houses.

Our proposals and topics for discussion with policymakers
Policymakers can only work with what is possible according to the state of the art. We are drastically shifting this state of the art and thus creating new possibilities.

Housing turnaround and energy turnaround Housing turnaround and energy turnaround
Urbanization has been underway since the 1st industrial revolution. An efficient energy transition and a higher standard of living require a reversal of this trend.

The fundamentally different philosophy behind the product
The way of thinking determines which product developments are possible at all. Mental barriers can be much more important than technical ones.

2022 Establishment of a corporation to 1. capital increase
The foundation of GEMINI next Generation AG and the preparation for the first capital increase. Step by step on the way to the next big disruption that redefines what a house must be able to do.

2023 from research and development towards realization
The goal for 2023 is to prepare for the construction of the first factory hall in Unken in 2024 and the remaining development work on the house and production technology.

Disruption in housing and energy for a livable future Disruption in housing and energy for a livable future
Through synergy effects, state-of-the-art technology and cost optimization Disruption in two areas crucial to our future: Housing and energy.

Pitch for investors Pitch for investors
Our pitch in a 12 slide PDF on how we will manage to change the world and become one of the most valuable companies in the world in the process.

Investing in disruption for survival
Humanity has several existence-threatening problems, we offer to invest in a multiple disruption, which can solve several of these problems.

          Shares of GEMINI next Generation AG: We will reinvest all profits for rapid expansion and improvements to our products. The value of the investment is determined by the increase in the value of the share.