GEMINI next Generation AG (Inc.)

We improve the world through Climate Protection Superiority Houses. Our mission statement: planet renovation back to 350 ppm CO2, we contribute house by house.

GEMINI next Generation AG (Inc.)
We improve the world through Climate Protection Superiority Houses. Our mission statement: planet renovation back to 350 ppm CO2, we contribute house by house.

We combine the most comfortable and affordable housing possible with the best possible contribution to a functional energy transition and against climate change. GEMINI - Latin for twin - stands for double use.

The property is used twice, for living and as a solar power plant. You invest in residential property and your own energy production at the same time.

The German spot market on October 12, 2022.

This is the German spot market according to the merit order principle on October 12, 2022. The most expensive power plant required for supply determines the price. At very high prices, these are gas turbine power plants with fast response times but poor efficiency.

on-board computer and 120 kWh sodium batteries provide the best possible revenue, but also the greatest environmental effect, because less electricity has to be produced in inefficient peak load power plants. Photovoltaics and batteries together for a functional and cost-efficient energy transition.

An electric excavator screws a foundation screw into the ground.

Saving starts with the foundation: We save you a lot of money with the screw foundation and the environment a lot of CO2 emission compared to a conventional concrete foundation.

A Tesla cybertruck transports a house segment on a trailer.

From DIY self pickup to turnkey take over the house complete with all furniture is possible. See configurator.

The DIY self-collector manufactures the individual house segments under supervision in our factory hall and then brings them to his property. For the transport of the house segments a B+E driver's license is sufficient.

  Planned as of 2026

We are working on this and are planning to have the first GEMINI next Generation houses in place by 2026.

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00:00A house segment is pulled to the installation site on a special trailer.
00:07B+E driving license and a towing vehicle for 3.5 tons trailer load are sufficient.
00:20This 2.5 ton electric excavator was also driven to the installation site with a car trailer.
00:34Now the foundation screws are screwed in.
00:42This close to the river, we strongly recommend Option Venezia: With Option Venezia, the house is capable of swimming, the foundation screws serve as anchorage.
00:56The special trailer has its own drive to bring the house segment into position exactly above the foundation screws.
01:12Unken near Salzburg in Austria in 2025.
01:31Each house has 60 photovoltaic modules with 575 watts peak – that's 34.5 kW per house.
01:37Each carport is covered with 5 kW of photovoltaics.
01:48A heated garage saves electricity for electric cars, but is more expensive than a carport.
01:54This gazebo allows outdoor celebrations and is another opportunity for even more photovoltaic.
02:15We enter the living room through the patio door.
02:34On the west side of the living room is a children's room, with a bed that folds out of the sliding wall/furniture element.
02:40On the east side of the living room there is another children's room.
02:49Standard version is already recommended for families with up to 2 children.
03:00The wall/furniture element slides almost 2 meters to the west on rails integrated in the ceiling.
03:16Also on the east side of the living room, a wall/furniture element slides on rails integrated in the ceiling almost 2 meters to the east.
03:30Now the living room has reached its maximum size and is ready for a party or family celebration.
03:43Continuing on, we enter the anteroom.
03:52The bedroom, not in the picture, the integrated cupboard wall over the entire width of 294 cm.
04:02The dining kitchen with 4 places to eat.
04:10The bathroom with bathtub also for showering.
04:19The basement is a very expensive storage place, for all the things we are ready to throw away after the next flood. We have shrunk the basement! There are 12 drawers on the side of the house, each 230 cm deep. Each drawer has over 800 liters of volume.
04:49On the other side of the house are another 12 drawers. All together, over 20 cubic meters to store all your things neatly and well protected.

We are the counter movement
Many people feel that there is a development in the wrong direction in many areas. We are more than only an innovative product, we are the countermovement.

Home ownership cheaper than rental apartment
Everyone understands that a smartphone from 2022 is much cheaper than the first mobile devices from 1990 and also much better. We show that this is also possible for houses.

Our proposals and topics for discussion with policymakers
Policymakers can only work with what is possible according to the state of the art. We are drastically shifting this state of the art and thus creating new possibilities.

Housing turnaround and energy turnaround Housing turnaround and energy turnaround
Urbanization has been underway since the 1st industrial revolution. An efficient energy transition and a higher standard of living require a reversal of this trend.

The fundamentally different philosophy behind the product
The way of thinking determines which product developments are possible at all. Mental barriers can be much more important than technical ones.

2022 Establishment of a corporation to 1. capital increase
The foundation of GEMINI next Generation AG and the preparation for the first capital increase. Step by step on the way to the next big disruption that redefines what a house must be able to do.

2023 from research and development towards realization
The goal for 2023 is to prepare for the construction of the first factory hall in Unken in 2024 and the remaining development work on the house and production technology.

          GEMINI next Generation AG (Inc.): We improve the world through Climate Protection Superiority Houses. Our mission statement: planet renovation back to 350 ppm CO2, we contribute house by house.

          Not invested in Tesla in 2003? Now there is a 2nd chance: invest in GEMINI next Generation: Disruption in homes!

          Concerned about climate? Planet renovation back to 350 ppm CO2, we contribute house by house, your investment too!

          Buy GEMINI next Generation AG shares and participate in the biggest disruption: a new building standard conquers the world!

          Where is the next big disruption? In house construction and you can participate in it as a shareholder!

          The single family home is dead, long live the new single family home! Family-friendly, affordable housing and functional energy transition. Self supply and sale of electricity.

          TESLA established the electric car. We establish affordable housing and functional energy transition with a disruption in houses.

          Drawers as basement replacement, sliding wall/furniture elements for better use save money in building. The energy system of the house makes profits.