The fundamentally different philosophy behind the product

The way of thinking determines which product developments are possible at all. Mental barriers can be much more important than technical ones.

  PEGE - Planetary Engineering Group Earth

In the fall of 1991, the GEMINI habitable solar power plant was designed. Soon it was clear that this concept could contribute significantly to solving worldwide energy and environmental problems. This was the birth of the term PEGE.

PEGE - Planetary Engineering Group Earth PEGE - Planetary Engineering Group Earth
Since 1991 expression of Infinitism, to develop the potential of the civilization on planet earth full and to eliminate the dangers arising from an incorrect assessment of the situation.

  Those who regard man as a pest cannot solve any of mankind's problems

In 1992 Roland Mösl was on the tour with the project “GEMINI inhabited solar power plant” and had shocking encounters with a destructive cult, which does not want to solve any problems, but longs for a drastic reduction of mankind.

Destructive cult prevents functional energy transition Destructive cult prevents functional energy transition
A horror novel about a world without renewable energy and recycling delayed a workable energy transition and thus effective climate protection by decades.

  Serious calculation errors in economics

On the occasion of the awarding of the Gusi Peace Prize in the Philippines in November 2011, Roland Mösl wrote his second book.

Calculation ERROR Calculation ERROR
Why is humanity not half the way to solar age, like it was intended 1991 as PEGE - Planetary Engineering Group Earth was founded? There is a deadly calculation ERROR!

  Worldwide Wealth is the name of a party

On December 31, 2014, the WWW movement WeltWeiter Wohlstand (WorldWide Wealth) was registered in the Austrian Ministry of the Interior BMI. Since then Roland Mösl is the party chairman.

WWW - WorldWide-Wealth Movement WWW - WorldWide-Wealth Movement
Mankind has the technology for a lasting paradise, but a policy for hell on earth. Our mission is to change that.

  A civilization can exist for many billions of years

On March 20, 2015, the Association for the Promotion of Infinitism was founded in Austria. Since then Roland Mösl is the chairman of the association.

Paradigm infinitism Paradigm infinitism
Can a civilization develop an unlimited ability to survive? We think so! Thus, worldwide wealth and a limitless future is possible.

  Best example of mental barriers in science

In September 2017 Johanna, the younger daughter of Roland Mösl had to choose the topic for the VWA thesis. VWA means Pre -Scientific-Work and is part of the High School Diploma in Austria. She was enthusiastic about the civilization level “moving around planets” and was astonished to find out that there were no serious scientific papers about this worldwide.

As reason for this can only be assumed, it is due to mental barriers to think in these time spans and scales.

Change of Earth orbit because the sun gradually releases more energy Change of Earth orbit because the sun gradually releases more energy
The sun's energy output has been rising since its inception 4.6 billion years ago. This increase will be critical for life on Earth in the next half-billion years.

  The civilization levels

The theory about the levels of civilization first presented in the book “Calculation ERROR” in the latest extended presentation.

Levels of civilization and the status of the civilization on planet Earth Levels of civilization and the status of the civilization on planet Earth
Without knowing it, mankind has been on a civilization jump for a 1/4 millennium. This must now be completed as quickly as possible with the urgently needed planet renovation.

GEMINI next Generation AG (Inc.) GEMINI next Generation AG (Inc.)
We improve the world through Climate Protection Superiority Houses. Our mission statement: planet renovation back to 350 ppm CO2, we contribute house by house.

Home ownership cheaper than rental apartment
Everyone understands that a smartphone from 2022 is much cheaper than the first mobile devices from 1990 and also much better. We show that this is also possible for houses.

Investing in disruption for survival
Humanity has several existence-threatening problems, we offer to invest in a multiple disruption, which can solve several of these problems.

Our proposals and topics for discussion with policymakers
Policymakers can only work with what is possible according to the state of the art. We are drastically shifting this state of the art and thus creating new possibilities.

2022 Establishment of a corporation to 1. capital increase
The foundation of GEMINI next Generation AG and the preparation for the first capital increase. Step by step on the way to the next big disruption that redefines what a house must be able to do.

2023 from research and development towards realization
The goal for 2023 is to prepare for the construction of the first factory hall in Unken in 2024 and the remaining development work on the house and production technology.