Investing in disruption for survival

Humanity has several existence-threatening problems, we offer to invest in a multiple disruption, which can solve several of these problems.

  The prehistory 1991 to 2022 and goals for the future

Why "next Generation"? Because the first generation of the GEMINI house was already designed in 1991 as the "GEMINI inhabited solar power plant".

Investing in disruption for survival: GEMINI 1991 to 2023 Investing in disruption for survival: GEMINI 1991 to 2023
In 1991, the “GEMINI habitable solar power plant” was extremely far ahead of its time, but in 2021, “GEMINI next Generation” has the potential for the next big disruption.

  New opportunities create new previously unimaginable decisions

In 2003, there were no preconditions for even discussing a registration ban on cars with internal combustion engines. At that time, electric cars were a bad joke. Tesla had just been founded and BYD was a manufacturer of cell phone batteries. Today, we want to enforce unimaginable building standards and remain the leading supplier of houses built to these standards.

Dynamics of goals and decisions Dynamics of goals and decisions
The invention of the catalyst in 1950 developed a momentum that will lead to the end of the ICE. Rio 1992, Paris 2015 will likewise establish the CPSH building standard.

  Rapid growth and global expansion

Our video on AG formation in June 2022. Some details have changed, but the basic is the same.

Foundation of GEMINI next Generation inc.: we will be Tesla at houses Foundation of GEMINI next Generation inc.: we will be Tesla at houses
The first step is to establish a stock corporation in Austria with €70,000 in share capital. This will create a legal structure for further investors.

GEMINI next Generation AG (Inc.) GEMINI next Generation AG (Inc.)
We improve the world through Climate Protection Superiority Houses. Our mission statement: planet renovation back to 350 ppm CO2, we contribute house by house.

Home ownership cheaper than rental apartment
Everyone understands that a smartphone from 2022 is much cheaper than the first mobile devices from 1990 and also much better. We show that this is also possible for houses.

Our proposals and topics for discussion with policymakers
Policymakers can only work with what is possible according to the state of the art. We are drastically shifting this state of the art and thus creating new possibilities.

The fundamentally different philosophy behind the product
The way of thinking determines which product developments are possible at all. Mental barriers can be much more important than technical ones.

2022 Establishment of a corporation to 1. capital increase
The foundation of GEMINI next Generation AG and the preparation for the first capital increase. Step by step on the way to the next big disruption that redefines what a house must be able to do.

2023 from research and development towards realization
The goal for 2023 is to prepare for the construction of the first factory hall in Unken in 2024 and the remaining development work on the house and production technology.